The Sandbox & Affyn Join Forces to Create an Open Metaverse

• The Sandbox, a decentralized gaming virtual world, has partnered with Singapore-based games and metaverse developer Affyn to enhance interoperability and open up the metaverse experience.
• The partnership aims to create sustainable Web 3 gaming ecosystems and metaverses that converge the physical and virtual worlds.
• The collaboration will also educate creators on the metaverse, allowing them to better understand how to grow their communities within it.

The Sandbox Forms Partnership with Affyn

The Sandbox is a leading decentralized gaming virtual world that recently announced a new partnership with Singapore-based games and metaverse developer Affyn. This partnership intends to extend the open metaverse experiences for players, providing a community-focused experience that allows collaborators from all around the world to interact seamlessly in an open metaverse.

Goals of the Partnership

The main goal of this collaboration is to bring interoperability within the blockchain gaming industry, allowing for a more immersive experience across all platforms. Additionally, the two companies are exploring ways to make it easier for gamers, creators and collaborators alike to have access to an open metaverse where they can easily interact with each other. Furthermore, this partnership also aims at educating newcomers on how they can grow their communities within this virtual space.

Excitement From Both Parties

Lucaz Lee, CEO and co-founder of Affyn expressed his enthusiasm regarding this new collaboration stating that it “will provide gamers, collaborators and virtual world enthusiasts with an even more immersive and interactive experience”. Similarly George Wong, Head of Singapore Sandbox expressed his excitement about bringing forth “more creative opportunities and exciting use cases” through this new partnership.

Growing User Adoption Rates

Since its launch The Sandbox has experienced massive user adoption rates due in part by its collaborations with A-list stars as well as global brands which allow for more people from different parts of the globe to connect through its platform.


Overall this new partnership between The Sandbox and Affyn brings forth great potential for users who wish to explore the open metaverse as well as those interested in growing their own community therein. With both parties showing enthusiasm about this collaboration we can only expect great things from them in terms of development in regards of interoperable gameplay experiences across different platforms going forward.

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