Earn Passive Income with Crypto Staking: Top 5 Pools for 2021

• Blockchain and its virtual asset have gained traction in recent years, with users looking for ways to earn rewards by staking their tokens.
• Stake pools provide an opportunity for crypto holders with smaller stakes to increase their chances of getting rewards.
• Here are the best crypto staking pools available in the market today.

What is Staking?

Staking is a process where participants hold onto a certain amount of cryptocurrency in order to validate transactions on a Proof of Stake (PoS) network and receive rewards for doing so. The reward amount depends on the number of tokens held by the participant. By staking their tokens, users can earn passive income without having to actively manage or monitor their investments.

What are Crypto Staking Pools?

Crypto staking pools are mediums that allow crypto holders with smaller stakes to participate in staking and increase their chances of earning rewards. These pools combine resources from multiple users into one large stake, allowing them to share the rewards proportionately according to the percentage of coins they hold.

Top 5 Crypto Stake Pools

Here are our top five recommendations when it comes to choosing a crypto staking pool:

1. Everstake

Supported cryptocurrencies: 37 different coins and tokens.
APY: Depends on the cryptocurrency.
Lock-up period: Depends on the cryptocurrency.
Payout frequency: Depends on the cryptocurrency.
Type: Non-custodial.
Additional rewards: No.
Minimum/maximum staking amount: Depends on the cryptocurrency.

Everstake is a responsible validator trusted by over 625k users across 70+ blockchain networks. It offers liquid staking products as a non-custodial solution, allowing token holders to stake directly from their wallets and earn 5%-20% profit annually through transparency of rewards.

2. P2P

Supported cryptocurrencies: 26 different cryptocurrencies.
APY: between 4% and 50%.
Lock-up period: Depends on the cryptocurrency.
Payout frequency: Depends on the cryptocurrency.
Type: non-custodial.
Additional rewards: No..
Minimum/maximum staking amount: Depends on the cryptocurrency..

P2P provides secure non-custodial services for professional investors, letting token holders participate in PoS without needing to run nodes themselves. With an average uptime of 99%, token holders can be assured that they will receive continuous returns with minimal risk associated with performance issues or downtimes.


Supported cryptocurrencies : LYO Credit (LYO) and USDT . < br />APY : 24 % – 50 % . < br />Lock – up period : Dependent upon each currency , but ranging from 360 days – 720 days . < br /> Payout frequency : Dependent upon lock – up period . < br />Type : Centralized , featuring DEX Swap feature . < br />Additional Rewards : LYO Credit token earns additional inflationary rewards or community related incentives . < br />Minimum / Maximum Stake Amount : Dependent upon each currency . < br / >< br /> LYOTRADE is a centralized platform offering high yield rates between 24 % – 50 % APY , depending upon which currency you choose to stake , ranging from 360 days up until 720 days lock – up periods for maximum reward payout frequencies . The platform also includes its own native token called LYO Credit (LYO ) which earns additional inflationary yields or community related incentives for those who choose this option rather than USDT .

< h3 >4 . Binance Pool Supported Cryptocurrencies : BTC , BCH , ETH , ETC , XRP & TRX with more being added soon !APY : 8 % – 12 %Lock – up Period : N / APayout Frequency : Instant & dailyType : CentralizedAdditional Rewards : N / AMinimum / Maximum Stakes Amounts : 0 – 100 millionThe world’s largest crypto exchange , Binance has recently launched its own PoS pool offering instant payouts within 15 seconds as well as daily payouts at 8 % – 12 % APY depending upon your chosen currency & stake size ranging anywhere from 0 – 100 million tokens per user account !

 < h3 >5 . KuCoin Pool Supported Cryptocurrencies : BTC & ETHAPY : Upwards of 16 % Lock – up Period

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