Casper Network Now Integrated with Validation Cloud: Get Started in Hours!

Casper Network Integrated into Validation Cloud

• Chainwire Casper Network, a leading blockchain platform for enterprise and DeFi applications, is now integrated into Validation Cloud’s Node API.
• The integration offers enterprises and developers the ability to get started quickly with fast, scalable, and intelligent connectivity.
• Combining Casper’s scalability and security with Validation Cloud’s speed and resilience enables developers to build applications in hours rather than days or months.

Highly Performant & Customizable Platform

Validation Cloud is a Web3 data streaming and infrastructure company that connects organizations into Web3 through its highly performant and customizable platform. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, the company provides users with an easy way to interact with multiple blockchain networks, including Casper Network. This integration allows users to take advantage of Casper’s features such as smart contracts, asset issuance, etc., while managing their nodes through the node API provided by Validation Cloud.

Speed & Resilience

The most impressive part of this integration process was its delivery speed – just five days from start to finish. This streamlined process reflects both companies‘ commitment to empowering innovation while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and trust. The combination of Casper’s scalability and security with Validation Cloud’s speed and resilience makes it possible for developers to quickly deploy nodes on the network without sacrificing quality or performance.

Empowering Innovation

By integrating Casper Network into Validation Cloud’s node API, enterprises and DeFi applications are now able to access a reliable platform that delivers fast, scalable, and intelligent connectivity into commercial blockchains. This partnership opens up exciting opportunities for developers and enterprises as it simplifies the process of building applications on top of the network while ensuring they maintain high levels of trustworthiness throughout their development journey.

Connect Now at App .validationcloud .io

Validation Cloud invites everyone interested in taking advantage of this integration to connect now at app .validationcloud .io so that they can begin using all of its features quickly without having to worry about setting up any additional infrastructure or managing complex processes manually.

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